Unseen Enemy – Radar & The Cold War

Unseen Enemy – Radar & The Cold War

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July 24, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
Old Jet Arts Centre
Bentwaters Parks
Suffolk IP12 2TW
£12 - £14

In association with Bawdsey RADAR Trust

It’s 1952 – and the Superpowers of East and West are squaring up to each other again. After the failure of Yalta and Potsdam at the end of WW2 to reign in Russian territorial ambitions, and the division of Berlin, Stalin has his eye on the prize – the Communist takeover of the whole of Europe –  and in the wake of Hiroshima the race is on to develop the ultimate weapon. Churchill warns of total destruction if there is another World War – while Truman looks to Great Britain to provide U.S nuclear bases in East Anglia from which to strike into the heart of Russia should the worst happen.

Meanwhile in a pub in rural Suffolk, as the politicians play a dangerous game of brinkmanship, landlord Carl is more concerned about his step daughter Betty’s latest fads for dressing as a Teddy Girl and chasing Americans – and among his regulars Connie is worried about her son Martin’s interest in joining the RAF as a RADAR operator while getting heartily fed up with her brother in law Maurice’s obsession with the new government instructions for ‘Protect and Survive’ –  while her father Pops takes the pessimistic view that if The Bomb drops we’ll all be goners anyway so why bother!

And in the corner of the pub sits journalist Chapman Pincher – always first to a good espionage story, be it Russian spies or weapons of mass destruction.

Is it true that they’ve started nuclear testing on the Ness?  And if so is bar maid Gwen a source of useful information? And if the balloon does go up – or there’s a catastrophic accident – will anybody in East Anglia survive the radiation fallout?

‘We must not forget that by creating the US atomic base in East Anglia we have made ourselves …..the bulls eye of a Russian attack’  – Winston Churchill

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