Photography Craft – Lighting with Flash with Craig Girling

Photography Craft – Lighting with Flash with Craig Girling

November 15, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Old Jet
Bentwaters Park
Suffolk IP12 2TW
Craig Girling
+44 (0)7792 725836


This workshop is for photographers getting starting with flash. It covers the basics of flash exposure, balancing flash with daylight, off-camera flash, and using light modifiers & reflectors to create different looks.


Wednesday, 15th November

Wednesday, 22nd November

Wednesday, 29th November

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Workshop Content

Lighting with Flash

  • Introduction to Photographic Lighting
    • Why use lighting.
    • Flash & continuous lighting, why use one over the other.
    • Studio flash & portable hotshoe flash (flashguns), pros & cons.
  • Off-Camera Flash
    • What is off-camera flash and why use it.
    • Firing a flash off-camera; sync cables, wireless triggers, slave.
  • Flash Exposure
    • Flashgun exposure modes: TTL (auto), manual.
    • Metering for flash using a flash meter.
    • Finding your flash exposure without a flash meter.
    • Relationship of flash power to aperture.
    • How does shutter speed fit in.
    • Sync speed explained.
    • Key light, fill, backlight – what do these terms mean.
    • Lighting ratios.
    • Effect of subject to light distance on exposure (Inverse Square Law).
  • Light Modifiers & Reflectors
    • What are light modifiers and why use them.
    • What are reflectors (& flags).
    • Using small or large light sources to produce hard or soft light.
    • Bouncing flash.
    • Types of modifiers; umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors, grids & more.
    • Using modifiers & reflectors to create different looks & styles.
  • Studio Lighting
    • Types of studio lights; Flash (strobes), tungsten, HMI, LED.
    • Grip equipment; lighting stands, booms etc.
    • Backgrounds.
    • Safety around studio lights & equipment.
  • Using flash with Daylight (or other ambient light)
    • Overpowering the sun – flash power & sync speed.
    • High speed sync.
    • Metering for the ambient light (daylight).
    • Using shutter speed to independently control ambient light.
    • Balancing daylight with flash.
    • Fill flash.
    • Colour temperature and using gels


Craig Girling

Craig Girling is a commercial photographer, specialising in interiors. He also shoots still-life subjects in his studio at Old Jet. His photographic background began with a formal training in film photography at art school, followed by many years of self-education and practice. He has been shooting professionally for the last 6 years. His approach to photography is quite structured and methodical. He believes that to become an accomplished creative photographer you must first learn to master your tools.